The Atelier Method for Kids

Leonardo Apprentice’s (8.5-14yrs)

A unique program of art instruction for Kids

Atelier noun. A studio especially for an artist. A workplace for the teaching or practice of an art.

All kids should be able to draw

The Atelier method for kids aged 8.5-14 years is a structured, age specific art course.

Kids learn foundational maths, reading and writing using step by step methods. This prescriptive style of learning allows them to develop the skills to build on for the future. The same applies with ART, DRAWING is a developmental stage kids need to master.

The Atelier Method of learning how to draw and paint promotes imagination, creativity and problem solving as kids are equipped with the necessary skills to express their ideas pictorially. Einstein sketched his inventions first then added words and process later.

Many parents and kids wrongly believe that drawing requires a special talent or ability. Drawing is a skill that definitely can be taught and learnt proficiently.

By part 5 of the Atelier Method, kids work independently using their applied knowledge and self expression with especially designed projects. By the time they reach the Master Class, they are creating their own original works of art.

The Atelier Method really works!