Kids Course 8.5–14 years

The Atelier Method for Kids

A unique program of art instruction for kids aged 8.5–14 years old

Atelier noun. A studio especially for an artist. A workplace for the teaching or practice of an art.

All kids should be able to draw

The Atelier method for kids aged 8.5-14 years is a structured, age specific art course.

Kids learn maths, reading and writing using step by step methods. This prescriptive style of learning allows them to develop foundational skills to build on for the future. The same applies with ART. Our step by step method of DRAWING and PAINTING is a developmental stage kids need to master. It will promote imagination, creativity and problem solving as they are then equipped with the necessary skills to express their ideas pictorially. Einstein sketched his inventions first adding words and process later.

Many parents and kids wrongly believe that drawing requires a special talent or ability. Drawing is a skill that definitely can be taught and learnt proficiently.

Although this art course is conducted in a class format each child works on their own tailored program and at their own pace.

By part 5 of the Atelier Method, kids work independently using their applied knowledge and self expression with especially designed projects. By the time they reach the Master Class, they are creating their own original works of art.

The Atelier Method really works!




Wednesdays 2019
Feb 6,13,20,27, Mar 6,13,20,27, Apr 3




(Inclusive of all materials)

9-week term
4 terms per year
Maximum 8 students

Certificates of Achievement are issued

The Programme


Foundation: Drawing Techniques

Fundamentals of Fine Art drawing and basic painting


Foundation: Painting Techniques

Art history and techniques of painting animals in acrylic, pastel, watercolour and oil paints


Foundation Portraits

Art history and techniques of portrait painting in acrylic, pastel, watercolour and oil paints


Foundation: The Art of Colour

Dynamic colour theory and exercises to teach what colour to use in paintings and why



Application of Fine Art techniques with especially designed exercises to promote creativity


Drawing from Life

Advanced drawing and Fine Art painting techniques working from life



Fine Art techniques of aerial and linear perspective in art


Master Class

Students work on their own original drawings and painting with their media of choice

ART TRIALBy appointment

If you wish to know more about the Kids Courses and how it can benefit your child a visit to the studio can be pre-arranged.

Unfortunately, visits during class time are not possible as they will interrupt learning.

What Parents Say

  • “I just wanted to thank you so much for all the inspiration and support you have given Holly over the years with her art. Her Upper School Art Scholarship is due largely to your teaching and encouragement and it is a prestigious award for her to have won”
    Annie Morrison

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