Antonija Gros

Antonija Gros is a Singapore-based artist from Sydney, Australia.

She believes everybody should learn to draw and paint. In fact, she believes its as fundamental as learning to read and write. Not only will it make you more creative it will enrich your life.

As a child, Antonija had wanted to draw and paint but believed she couldn’t. Then as an Adult she attended a Learn to draw course. After her pre-instruction drawing she was given a set of instructions for the next project. Finishing she realised she had copied a Matisse line drawing.

That drawing experience changed her life.


How could she draw ‘primitively’ in one instant and then accurately copy a Matisse?

Antonija wanted to share this with everybody, especially kids. Knowing first hand the obstacles and frustrations, understanding why its scary to start, how to continue, the struggles in the middle when you may feel like giving up, has helped make Antonija an effective teacher.

She started conducting art workshops in 1999 and has, over the years, created a unique and successful style. If you want to experience how an artist sees, the tranquility of working from your creative, non-verbal brain then you must try the Learn to Draw course.

Antonija is accredited to teach the ‘Learn to Draw using the right side of the Brain” by Dr Betty Edwards, California State University, Long Beach. USA.

Additionally, she has published Fine Art instruction and Art history books for children and a charity book for the SPCA. Her Singapore-centric greeting cards and Panda-monium card collections are stocked in museums, 5-star hotels and quality gift stores throughout Singapore.

She also lectures the Docents at Singapore Art Museum (SAM), on the history of Painting techniques and Art media.